Free Facsimiles of Sherlock Holmes Stories

Free Facsimiles of Sherlock Holmes Stories.

of this blog will note a certain minor obsession of mine with Sir
Arthur Conan Doyle’s literary creation Sherlock Holmes. Stanford
University is now publishing paper and PDF facsimiles of the
original stories of Sherlock Holmes exactly as they appeared in Strand
Magazine, over a century ago, complete with the wonderful illustrations
of Sidney Paget. You can subscribe to either version for free.

12 weeks from January through April 2006, Stanford will be
republishing, free of charge, two early Holmes stories, “A Scandal in
Bohemia” and “The Speckled Band”; the nine-part novel, The Hound of the
Baskervilles; and the famous “last” encounter between Holmes and
Moriarty, “The Final Problem.” If you would like to receive paper
facsimiles of the original magazine releases, you may sign up on our
website. If you would prefer to download the facsimile as a pdf from
the website, each installment will be available on successive Fridays.

Discovering Sherlock Holmes – A Community Reading Project From Stanford University

you can’t wait, you can certainly download these stories from many
different places on the Net (they are now in the public domain),
including 221B Baker Street and Project Gutenberg–see
for plenty more– but this is something very special. It might even make
a nice little Christmas gift for the mystery fans you know. 
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