Impeach your president (and ours too)

Impeach your
president (and ours too)

Lew Rockwell is looking
past the death throes of the lame duck
, but do you really
have to wait three years?

there we have it: three more years of a lame duck president who is
stuck in two losing, bloody, terrorist-recruiting wars, and has
presided over one of the great domestic flops in American history. All
he needs is a good recession to complement soaring gas prices, and his fall will be complete.

there has never been a
better time to try out that impeachment process? Perhaps on the back of
a public trial America can clean house a little? Redress the balance a
little? Maybe force your government to obey it's own laws (after
you've put them back of course). As an added measure maybe every
senator and congressperson who supported the war should resign in
acknowledgement that they didn't do their homework? That would be a
nice gesture I think.

Oh, and whilst we're about it, how on earth do we impeach
Blair? Is there even a way to do that? Anyone know the UK legal position? If
it's possible, what would it take? [Curiouser and curiouser!]

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