Full Disclosure

Full Disclosure.

Project Aardvark presents Fog Creek Copilot (coming soon from Fog Creek Software)

Fog Creek Copilot is
a service that lets you help your friends, relatives, and customers fix
their computer problems over the Internet. Built
on a VNC core, Fog Creek Copilot sets itself apart from other remote
assistance software and services in its simplicity and ability to work
through any home or office firewall without having anything to install
or configure. Fog Creek Copilot uses invitation
codes to connect a helper to a user in need of assistance in order to
fix any problems remotely by “copiloting” his or her computer. Invitation
codes are sold as Day Passes that are active for 24 hours from their
first use, during which time they can be used as many times to help as
many users as needed. [Project Aardvark]

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