Alternative Views — Best practices

Alternative Views — Best practices.

Fundamental to MasterList Professional being worth your time
is the idea that the more ways you can quickly organize your projects and
tasks, the more control you have over them.

That’s why in the MasterList, Current, Checklists, Projects
Overview and Projects views you see a View Button just below the title. Click
it, and you can create a new view, save your currently arranged view as a new
view, or go to view properties and rearrange your view even more than just
dragging and resizing columns.

More views=more control is also why Beta 6’s Projects view
has two ways of displaying the list of Projects to work with: alphabetically or
by status. To switch between the two, scroll to the end of your list of tasks
and click the button.

Once MasterList Professional releases, there are several new
features planned to further enhance the more views, more control idea. Let me
know what you’d like to see!  [MasterList Professional Developer News]

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