Alignment Gap

Alignment Gap.

One of my day-job clients – Genesys Solutions, LLC (
) – has made a very productive business by helping businesses and large organizations
see the gap between what they think they should be doing and what they are

Call it the Alignment Gap – the distance between all those
things that take up our time and all those things we want to do in life.

The Alignment Gap

I don’t think the Alignment Gap is inevitable feature in
everyone’s personal landscape. But it will be if you don’t pay attention to the
two sides of the Gap: Where your time goes and where you think it should be

So far, I’ve built MasterList Professional to do a pretty
good job of getting your attention on where your time is going with Metrics,
Recommendations and requiring that just like in real life, every task requires
some portion of that 1,440 minutes you get each day. And I think MasterList
Professional (as of Beta 6) does a pretty good job of helping you see where you
think you should be spending your time with Productivity Points and the Project
HUDs (Heads Up Displays).

But there’s more work to be done, so, once MasterList
Professional is released and ahem, generating income, one of the first features
I plan to add is GO: Goals and Objectives. The idea, which by the way I could
use your thoughts on, is to be able to see how each and every task you plan
aligns with your Goals and Objectives. Or doesn’t.

It a bit complicated, because there are things you’ve got to
do that you just have to do, like dealing with your tax returns. And, when you
can, its great when you can do one thing that serves multiple goals, but I
think – with feedback – I can get this right for one of the post 1.0 releases.

Food for thought on a rainy Philosophy Tuesday.  [MasterList Professional Developer News]

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