A second blog

A second blog.

I've started another blog, titled
Lachlan on Delphi. I'll be
using it to record my experiences mainly with Borland's Delphi software
development environment with the odd excursion into other areas. I won't be
discussing Sydney
over there, so if you're not a programmer it probably won't interest you much.

On a sidenote, if you are a programmer and you haven't looked at Delphi in a while,
it's time you took another look. Borland is taking back their position of producing
the best development tools on the market with the latest version of Delphi.
The new Delphi 2005 supports Win32 development with Object Pascal and
.NET development with both C# and Object Pascal all in the one IDE. Throw in a
bunch of other enhancements like refactoring, direct integration to version control,
automatic file history tracking, a highly customisable IDE and a Model Driven
Architecture framework and it's proving to be a killer release.  [Lachlan Gemmell – Software Startup]

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