Pre-Thanksgiving note and more switching

Pre-Thanksgiving note and more switching.

My laptop hard drive bit the dust yesterday, but I give pre-Thanksgiving thanks to the folks at Centerbeam who keep my laptop backed up every night via Connected.  Connected is really amazing.  It is truly freeing not to worry about whether or not your machine is being backed up, then being able to retrieve files yourself via a nice GUI over the Internet without asking your IT guys to get backup tapes.

On another note, I'm going to be switching from Radio Userland to Movable Type for weblog posting.  I'll probably keep Radio as my main aggregator, though I'm looking at web-based solutions like Bloglines and Oddpost.  We're already using Movable Type for TechWatch and I find that waiting while my Radio machine boots up sometimes kills my inspiration to post.  I'll be following these instructions to do it.  Hopefully, this weblog will be Movable Type-driven by the end of the Thanksgiving holidays — stay tuned (I might not be posting as I make the transition).

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