Wes Clark's embracing of weblogs

Wes Clark's embracing of weblogs.

It's hard not to be impressed with the way that Wesley Clark's campaign for the 2004 Presidential campaign has embraced weblogs. Going way beyond the now-requisite candidate weblog, the campaign registered ForClark.com, and (under Cam Barrett's guidance) is using it to create smaller communities of supporters that are able both to coordinate their efforts locally and share them globally. There's a Massachusetts for Clark weblog, an environmentalists for Clark weblog, a Clark fundraising weblog, and as many other ones as you could imagine; they all feed into the same content management system, which allows for communication between communities. The Community Network also allows for a uniform user experience when poking around all of the individual communities, establishing a clear brand that's even stronger than many corporate identities on the web today. It's so far beyond what any other candidate has implemented, and I'd be surprised if it isn't significantly simplifying the communication within Clark's campaign in the run for the White House.  [Q Daily News]

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