Matt: MT MySQL Grid

Matt: MT MySQL Grid.

Anatomy of MySQL on the GRID. “A number of these users came running to (mt) Media Temple with the promise that their applications, despite all of their deficiencies, would be accepted and not turned off. These users are radically different, by orders of magnitude, from anything we had previously analyzed or benchmarked.”

“Bluntly, MySQL has been a continuous headache for (mt) and many
database users on the GRID. While we have made numerous tuning and
configuration changes and hardware revisions, which have resulted in
dramatic improvements, we still have fallen short of our own internal
quality standards. We’ve furthered our efforts by adding hundreds of
thousands of dollars worth of new hardware, and we’ve also hired some
of the world’s most highly regarded MySQL experts – all with the goal
of trying to stabilize this segment of the GRID. Unfortunately our
remedies have still proved to be imperfect. We’ve been forced to go
back to the whiteboard and completely reevaluate our approach. The good
news is that we have the re-architected our approach to MySQL, this
time with improved intelligence and more actual experience, which has
resulted in a more robust design which we are confident will quickly
solve the ongoing issues.

What follows is a recap of how our system was originally designed,
disclosure of some of the attempted remedies, and what ultimately
resulted in the permanent fix. To those who continue reading we want to
thank you in advance for your time.”

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