Matt Galvin: Feisty working solo on a MacBook Pro

Matt Galvin: Feisty working solo on a MacBook Pro.

This is really sweet!

I poked around a little bit and it seemed like the GRUB EFI issues have been or are being resolved so I grabbed the Feisty Herd 1 Desktop CD and popped it in my MacBook Pro and started the install. This is no dual boot stew, I am going for running Ubuntu solo on this bad boy. I blew away OS X completely (no Mac OS X, no BootCamp, no rEFIt, etc…) and I anxiously watched the install waiting for GRUB to blow up in my face as usual but it didn’t. Ubiquity installed GRUB successfully without any help from extra tools. OK this is sweet. Now the even more important test… reboot and see if it actually worked. Ureka! It worked! ROCK!!!

So for everyone who has been jumping through hoops and using a stew of tools to get Ubuntu running on an MacBook Pro, you need not struggle with it anymore. Just grab Feisty Herd 1 and install it just as you would on any other machine.

Once installed you will still have to do all the other tasks though such as install fglrx, network manager, backlight control tools, the keyboard ambient light sensor controller, trackpad tweaks, etc… but these things are all pretty easy to get installed and working. Much of it is described here for those of you who haven’t already seen it a thousand times.

There is still lots of work that needs to be done to get some of the aforementioned things working by default, but great progress is being made and being able to do a straight and simple install is huge step forward.

I am sure there are many people to thank for working out all the various issues so a big Thanks, You Guys ROCK! to everyone who played a part in making this happen!

This is super sweet!  [Planet Ubuntu]

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