Articles 1.0

Articles 1.0.

As requested by many of you, I’ve packaged up my Articles page functionality as a WordPress plugin.

This plugin allows you to easily present a list of posts you select outside of your blog chronology. Very useful for featuring things that might otherwise slip into the nether regions of your archives. See it in action here.

I’m experimenting with a new way of implementing this without requiring a modification to your theme to add in a template tag (though the template tag is also included). Implementation details are in the README, feel free to comment here with your thoughts on if the “token” method is easier to implement than the “template tag” method.

Small plea: I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing a few donations – I’ve spent a lot of time during the last couple weeks working on WordPress plugin release development (making new versions of stuff that already works for me, so that it will be easy for you guys to use).

The download is available on my WordPress Plugins page.

If you have any trouble with this, please open a thread in the WP Support Forums and send me the link.

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