When learning and knowledge collide

When learning and knowledge collide

Recently I've been reading (and listening) to Stephen Downes, George Siemens, Jay Cross and Richard MacManus exploring learning networks and connective knowledge. I'm seeing a convergence and emergence of themes:

  • Learning is an ecology – remember knowledge ecology?
  • Connections are key – we talk relationships and patterns in knowledge work
  • Informal learning is dominant – think communities of practice
  • Learning is a conversation – dialog and creative abrasion facilitate knowledge creation and verification
  • Capacity to connect is more important than current knowing – build your network rather than increasing your collection
  • Diversity is essential to check cascades – confers adaptability, stability, flexibility

The movement towards collaborative learning is strong, some would argue irreversible, helped by   web2.0 and social software. The personal learning environment has moved from a walled LMS container to an evolving mix of flickr, youtube, secondlife, myspace, 43things.

Stephen says it best:

is a network phenomenon. To 'know' something is to be organized in a
certain way, to exhibit patterns of connectivity. To 'learn' is to
acquire certain patterns”

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