Campfire: Flare joins Pyro

Campfire: Flare joins Pyro.

Aside from my email app, Pyro is the only other app I have open all day. Pyro is the specialized Mac OS X web browser for Campfire. Windows people haven’t had an equivalent. Until now.

Today Matt Brindley offers up Flare. Among other specializations, Flare changes the tray icon color to show new messages have arrived, let’s you switch between open rooms using Ctrl + the room number, and notifies you of new messages with a preview.

Flare is only at version 0.4 so if you dig Flare be sure to let Matt know. Your support will encourage further development. Thanks for developing this Matt!  [Signal vs. Noise]

When launching Campfire, the folks at 37signals said that they built it so you wouldn't have to have special software to chat.

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