Server hardening Guide

Server hardening Guide.

For those of you at TechEd – here's a copy of the SBS Server Hardening guide —

1.   Kill off Windows 98s, seriously, get rid of them in your network.
2.   Use Passphrases, don't stick them on sticky notes, hide them!
3.   Ensure you keep up to date on Patching – get that green check.
4.   Install antivirus and antimalware software and keep them up to date.
5.   Don't use the server as a workstation (don't surf).
6.   Leave those XP sp2 firewalls enabled on workstations.
7.   Stop saving stuff on workstations, use companyweb or my doc redirect.
8.   Ensure you are doing backups with the SBS backup wizard.
9.   Stop running as a local administrator on workstations.
10.  For everything else, read Chapter 15 in “Protect your Windows Network: From Perimeter to Data” by Jesper M. Johansson and Steve Riley published by Addison-Wesley
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