A lesson learned at the mall

A lesson learned at the mall. Retailers that spend on real estate, win. The most expensive real estate in my county is a mall filled with stores. And those stores are jammed with shoppers. Almost none of them fold, none of them appear to be struggling…. [Seth's Blog]


Streamlined. By nat One of the big differences between Django and Ruby on Rails is where the scaffolding comes in: Django gives you a sweet backend editorial administration interface but little help on the front end. Rails makes front ends easy but the back end administration help isn't there. At RailsConf today, Justin Gehtland and… Continue reading Streamlined

Boxroom: Open source file management in Ruby on Rails

Boxroom: Open source file management in Ruby on Rails. Boxroom is an open source Rails project headed by Mischa Berger to develop a generic remote file management system. The source is open for contributions, inspiration, etc, and implements user groups, user management, CRUD, uploads, and lots of other things you might want to learn about… Continue reading Boxroom: Open source file management in Ruby on Rails

How to Choose a Designer

How to Choose a Designer. When building web apps, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is who will do the design work. Your app is likely to fail if the design and usability are poor. For the new web app we’re building we’ve chosen Jason Santa Maria and we couldn’t be happier. I… Continue reading How to Choose a Designer

Patching catch 22

Patching catch 22. Prime example last week of why patching is sometimes a whole lot more complicated than it seems to be from the outside. Tuesday was patch day. For many of us in the Eastern Time Zone, who set Automatic Updates to pick up patches overnight, it's really Wednesday for all intents and purposes.… Continue reading Patching catch 22