What's New in Edge Rails

What's New in Edge Rails. Ryan Daigle has recently started chronicling new features in Edge Rails. He's doing a nice job of summarizing the new features, so if you don't feel like keeping an eye on the commit log yourself, cruise on over to Ryan's blog and read about the new goodies there. [Riding Rails]

Peter Saint-Andre (Jabber): Link-Local Messaging

Peter Saint-Andre (Jabber): Link-Local Messaging. I just updated JEP-0174: Link-Local Messaging. This specification describes how to communicate in an XMPP-like fashion on local area networks, at WiFi hotspots, etc. — all in a way that is interoperable with Apple's iChat. It's a cool feature since it enables you to chat with other people even if… Continue reading Peter Saint-Andre (Jabber): Link-Local Messaging


RubyInside. Peter Cooper has created a stylish new aggregator blog RubyInside where he is highlighting interesting stuff going on with Ruby. I read quite a few Rubyist blogs but can't keep up with them all and appreciate a commentary from someone like Peter about what's worth knowing. [Curiouser and Curiouser!]