DEVONthink: An appreciation of smart groups�

DEVONthink: An appreciation of smart groups�.

Using Smart Groups

I’ve recently gotten way back into DEVONthink as a means to capture, wrangle, and analyze all the reference material in my world.

If you’re new to this amazing application — and at the risk of far exceeding my understanding of both the human brain and this particular piece of software — DEVONthink learns the neural pathways between the stuff you know or say is related. But, more importantly, it prompts you on the relationships you probably don’t know exist (yet). This is awfully useful and wildly stimulating to the busy front parts of my own brain, such as it is. . . .

Like I say, I’ll probably have more to say on DEVONthink soon, but if you find yourself dealing with very large amounts of information that need to be stored, synthesized, and re-combined, there’s a lot to love in DEVONthink. It’s had a subtle effect on the ways that I collect information, but I have a feeling its impact on what I do with it might be pretty profound.  [43 Folders]

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