The best designed information-heavy site on the web The best designed information-heavy site on the web. For years I’ve been impressed with the design of Morningstar’s site. Beautiful data tables, clean charts, crisp text, tasteful icons. They use font sizes and shades of grey wisely. The leading on their longer articles is spot on too. It’s really the gold standard in information-heavy… Continue reading The best designed information-heavy site on the web

Airport Passenger Screening

Airport Passenger Screening. It seems like every time someone tests airport security, airport security fails. In tests between November 2001 and February 2002, screeners missed 70 percent of knives, 30 percent of guns and 60 percent of (fake) bombs. And recently (see also this), testers were able to smuggle bomb-making parts through airport security in… Continue reading Airport Passenger Screening

The backbone

The backbone. This information aesthetics post has an “extremely detailed map of the North American Internet backbone including 134,855 routers.The colors represent who each router is registered to:red is Verizon,blue AT&T,yellow Qwest,green is major backbone players like Level 3 & Sprint Nextel,black is the entire cable industry put together,& gray is everyone else,from small telecommunications… Continue reading The backbone

Essex Image Vault

Essex Image Vault. Prints of rare, historical photos and maps of Essex County and particularly Salem, Mass. Visit site [SimpleBits]

Eating Away From Below

Eating Away From Below. A few months ago, Peter Merholz wrote a post on his blog called “Eating away from below, which was a smart and interesting take on how nimbler, easier, more social software is going to start succeeding in large businesses. Peter is partially responsible (well, actually, it’s all his fault) for coining… Continue reading Eating Away From Below

The Software License Question

The Software License Question. It's a question we've asked before, but we still haven't heard any good answers. Why do software products come with licenses, when most other types of copyrighted works don't? So where does the idea that software must be licensed come from? The easy answer of course is the software publishers. But… Continue reading The Software License Question

Ever wonder why Windows File Protection doesn't use ACLs to protect files?

Ever wonder why Windows File Protection doesn't use ACLs to protect files?. Over the years I have cringed at the thought that rogue elements could overwrite system binaries, bypassing Windows File Protection with use of tools like SysInternal's handle.exe. I always wondered WHY they didn't have tighter ACLs on the files, and today Raymond explains… Continue reading Ever wonder why Windows File Protection doesn't use ACLs to protect files?

Understanding Windows Vista's Delay (Yes, Another)

Understanding Windows Vista's Delay (Yes, Another). It's true. This afternoon, Microsoft delayed Windows Vista. I won't play semantics. Microsoft can technically argue that the operating system will ship in 2006, because it will be ready for some businesses (assuming there are no more delays). But the Windows Vista consumer launch won't be until 2007. No… Continue reading Understanding Windows Vista's Delay (Yes, Another)