Your Micro-ISV web site: get the basics right.

Your Micro-ISV web site: get the basics right.
It has to be one of the most asked micro-ISV questions: How do I build my web site right?
There’s no one right answer, but there are a number of things that if
not done mean you don’t get the prize. Here are my top three to chew on:

State your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) – This
is a must have. In one or two sentences, you need to spell out
precisely why what you are selling is worth the readers’ money and
time, in a way they understand. Your USP is not your features, it’s not
even your benefits. It is why your prospective customer should buy your
solution to their problem, in terms they understand.

Another way of saying this is “AAA is a BBB that unlike XXX lets you
do CCC [choice of adjectives], does DDD.” Where AAA is your product
name, BBB is what kind of product or service it is, XXX is your
competition (an actual product or more general “straw man”) and DDD is
your primary differentiator.

State your Price – Don’t be coy, don’t make me
guess, don’t make me email you, don’t bury it. You have a
solution-Great. How much? Without knowing the cost, it is impossible to
assess whether your solution fits me.

Show me – I need to see, not just read about what
you are selling. Why? Because if what you are selling looks attractive,
professional, reasonable, I’m prepared to go further in judging what
you are selling. If on the other hand, what you’re selling does not
look attractive, or isn’t there to be visually assessed, its game over
and you’ve just lost a sale.  [MyMicroISV]

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