Ziba wins

Ziba wins. Ziba wins hands down as the coolest site I’ve seen in a very long time.  [BrainFuel]


Weightshift. Weightshift really captured my attention. Not because it’s actually a one-man band but because of the interesting layout and colors used. Cooler than a frozen banana! [BrainFuel]

O'Reilly's first Rails book premieres in beta form

O'Reilly's first Rails book premieres in beta form. O’Reilly has launched their Rough Cuts series with Ruby on Rails: Up and running as one of the first titles leading the charge. Rough Cuts is O’Reilly’s version of Beta Books or Early Access and gives you access to the content while it’s still being written. Ruby… Continue reading O'Reilly's first Rails book premieres in beta form

Why Rails?

Why Rails?. When I moved my blog to Rails from Zope, I was asked why. This is a brief explanation. [Edd Dumbill's Weblog: Behind the Times]

Warren Noronha's

Quick update on applications hosting. Yesterday at Warren Noronha's suggestion I signed up with Quantact for a 128MB VPS account at $25/mth. That's roughly twice what I am paying TextDrive for shared hosting with them. So far I'm pretty impressed with Tim (CEO of Quantact) and how he operates. Everything was setup very smoothly even… Continue reading Warren Noronha's