Guy's 11 micro-ISV Commandments

Guy's 11 micro-ISV Commandments.

Guy Kawasaki's latest post on the Art of Bootstrapping is such good advice, every micro-ISV should print it and read it until they know it by heart.

Here's the bullet point version, just to whet you appetite so you go read Guy's post:

  1. Focus on cash flow, not profitability.
  2. Forecast from the bottom up.
  3. Ship, then test.
  4. Forget the proven team.
  5. Start as a service business.
  6. Focus on function, not form [in what you buy].
  7. Pick your battles.
  8. Understaff.
  9. Go direct.
  10. Position against the leader.
  11. Take the “red pill.”

I'd add a #12: Pick carefully your place on the Long Tail. That is, find, define and be relevant to an unmet need out there that can be Googled with a few keywords. [My Micro-ISV]

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