Apache gets serious about FastCGI

Apache gets serious about FastCGI. Brian McCallister reports that the Apache team has decided to revive mod_fcgi as mod_proxy_fcgi with intentions of proper support for external FCGIs and a place in the core Apache distribution. This is fantastic news! Paul Querna and Garrett Rooney deserves much praise for embarking on this important quest to restore… Continue reading Apache gets serious about FastCGI

Project Shamrock

Project Shamrock. Decades before 9/11, and the subsequent Bush order that directed the NSA to eavesdrop on every phone call, e-mail message, and who-knows-what-else going into or out of the United States, U.S. citizens included, they did the same thing with telegrams. It was called Project Shamrock, and anyone who thinks this is new legal… Continue reading Project Shamrock

Let creatives be creative

Let creatives be creative.  In the always amazing Creating Passionate Users, there’s a new post about micromanagement, and its effects on employee productivity. They start the post out with one of the most interesting (and true) remarks I’ve seen lately: The most important function for a manager is X = -Y, where X is employee… Continue reading Let creatives be creative

Library Firefox Plugins

Library Firefox Plugins. Jenny Levine points us to some neat Firefox plug-ins that allow you to do library catalog searches right from the Firefox search toolbar. Nice!… [LibrarianInBlack]

Structured Blogging,The “Del.icio.us Lesson”, Personal Datamining and The Knowledge Commons

Structured Blogging,The “Del.icio.us Lesson”, Personal Datamining and The Knowledge Commons. There is a lot of discussion going on in the “blogosphere” about the Structured Blogging. The idea behind Strucutred Blogging is to make a set of standards for RSS and blog software. Here is an article describing this: Structured blogging is an initiative to add… Continue reading Structured Blogging,The “Del.icio.us Lesson”, Personal Datamining and The Knowledge Commons

Long Live Superpatron!

Long Live Superpatron!. I've talked about Edward Vielmetti here before, but I never had the right name for him. Now I do. He's Superpatron! “Superpatron is a weblog for library patrons who love their libraries, who take advantage of everything they have to offer, and are always on the lookout for great ideas that libraries… Continue reading Long Live Superpatron!

Internet Explorer Sucks

Internet Explorer Sucks. This study is from August, but I missed it. The researchers tracked three browsers (MSIE, Firefox, Opera) in 2004 and counted which days they were “known unsafe.” Their definition of “known unsafe”: a remotely exploitable security vulnerability had been publicly announced and no patch was yet available. MSIE was 98% unsafe. There… Continue reading Internet Explorer Sucks