release of Squib 0.3.0

Squib becomes real.

I've started quite a lot of development projects in my time and many (most?) of them never made it very far. When I set out to replace Radio as my blogging tool I knew, at the back of my mind, there was a chance this would be one of those projects. So it is with a great deal of pleasure that I announce the release of Squib 0.3.0 which, if it cannot be said to be perfect, is at least usable on a day to day basis.

When I started I had a view that this was going to be a one user show. My goals were quirky enough that I didn't think anyone else would be interested in Yet Another Blogging Application. I'm grateful to be wrong as Steve Kirks and Andy Fragen have been invaluable in helping me to test, fix, and document Squib.

At this point in it's development Squib is most likely to be interesting to adventurous users who want to jump ship from Radio Userland and take their weblog with them. Squib can import Radio weblogs directly and supports publishing to Radio Community Server, FTP, and SFTP servers. One major caveat is that it doesn't (and may never) support categories although it almost certain will support multiple weblogs in the next version.  [Curiouser and Curiouser!]

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