To Tech or Not to Tech? – Article

To Tech or Not to Tech? – Article.

Here's the Key.

must choose technology on the basis of whether it helps you be who you
are and do what you want better than the other alternatives that you
are considering.

There are several consequences of this
approach. First, my best technology choices will not be your best
technology choices. Second, although you should listen to advice and
recommendations, the final decision must be your decision. Third, this
approach forces you to think of technology as both a tool and an

Do Not Separate Technology From Systems.

Lawyers create and are creatures of systems. A law practice incorporates a large number of systems. . . .

I have two core principles about systems:

1. You always have a system, but it may not be the one you want.

2. Your systems should work for you, not against you.

Technology in Proper Context.

must always be viewed within the context of your existing systems.
Thinking about technology outside this context will lead you in the
wrong direction. Unless you consider how a technology fits into this
context, you cannot read reviews in a meaningful way and lists of
“editor's picks” may lead you to unsuccessful purchases.


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