Getting the PDC CTP of WinFX installed.

Getting the PDC CTP of WinFX installed..

Off the web – How to get a WPF development box going (order matters) if you are downloading everything from the web.

1. Operating System Required – Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista 5219 (not Windows Vista beta1!)

2. WinFx CTP installation
This installs WinFX on the machine…end users will need this done.
WPF (fka “Avalon”), WCF (fka “Indigo”), and .NET Framework 2.0 all get installed with an integrated setup.

3. Visual Studio (Beta 2!!!) (or you can also install Visual Basic Express or VC# Express – just make sure it is “Beta 2”!)
the install is done, make sure you do step 2 of the VS setup…install
Help content – use it offline if you want it to work its best with
WinFX SDK content to come later.

4. Windows WinFX SDK
This installs a ton of help content (samples, documentation) and some great tools (xamlpad, etc…)

5. VS Extensions for WinFx
This installs Project Templates and Item Templates for Visual Studio.  [Rob Relyea]

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