Power bubbles for the iFolder Linux Client

Power bubbles for the iFolder Linux Client.

I've been working to enhance
the capability of the notification bubbles in the Linux Client so users
will be able to take action immediately when they get a notification
(i.e., click on a link presented to them in the bubble). Additionally,
I'm strongly contemplating changing the initial modal dialog that
appears when you first start iFolder on a brand new machine to use a
notification bubble . . .

A couple reasons I believe moving the initial dialog from a modal window to a notification window:

  • It points right to our main iFolder icon where they'll be able to access other features
  • It's not so “in your face” that you have to take care of it right away
    • If
      the notification bubble times out and disappears before the user was
      able to take any action, they would know exactly where to go to do
      anything with iFolder. A user can easily left-click the iFolder icon
      (also a new feature) to bring up a menu with things they can do.
  • This is much cooler than a standard dialog!

[Boyd's Blog]

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