My PowerBook software portfolio

My PowerBook software portfolio.

only been a month since I got the PowerBook and already I seem to have
accumulated an awful lot of software. I thought it would be a good idea
to go through /Applications and take stock. So here are a few lists, please leave me a comments and tell me about your favourite app

Here is what I am using on a regular basis:

  • Adium – Multi-protocol Instant Messenging and nearly as good as Trillian (which is high praise indeed!)
  • Camino – I use occasionally but, although it looks nice, it's not stable enough to replace Safari
  • Chmox – Reading those pesky CHM files from Windows
  • CocoaMySQL – Now I have the version for MySQL 4.1 this is my DB Admin tool of choice
  • Colloquy – A good IRC client. Wish it was a plug-in for Adium
  • FastPic – Decent full-screen slideshows
  • Firefox – Doesn't look good on MacOSX so used mainly for debugging
  • CmapTools – Great concept mapping software
  • iTerm – I flip flop between iTerm and Terminal.App
  • ManOpen – It's nice to be able to see manpages in decent window
  • NeoOfficeJ – Andy Fragen turned me onto this as a way of getting decent Word support on the Mac
  • OmniGraffle Pro – The first drawing tool I've ever been able to use
  • OmniOutliner Pro – Use this all the time for note taking and organising thoughts
  • Pages – pretty good
    word mangler however the spell-check is broken, there is no grammar
    checker, and Word support doesn't extend to comments & track changes
  • Personal Backup X3 – Came with my Lacie 250Gb FireWire disk. Using it to clone my system volume
  • Skype – Who isn't?
  • SSH Tunnel Manager – It's just automating the params to SSH but it makes life easier when I want to point CocoaMySQL at my TextDrive databases
  • snvX – Subversion GUI. I have mixed feelings about would welcome recommendations for other cocoa clients.
  • Stuffit Expander – Seems ubiquitous. Works but I'm not su why I'd upgrade it.
  • TextMate – My kind of text editor!
  • TinkerTool – Got it to try and mess with the system menu font but chickened out. Also used it to turn on Safari debug menu
  • Unison – A very nice Usenet reader from Panic
  • VLC – Plays all the stuff QuickTime won't
  • WindowShadeX – Minimize in-place is da bomb
  • Writers Cafe – For the budding Writer in me (includes StoryLines)
  • XRG – System monitoring done right

Now for the apps which I've installed but which, for one reason or another, I'm not using:

  • AirStumbler – Doesn't seem to work with Airport extreme (sadly)
  • BlueCrab – Seems I don't need to mirror websites often enough to want to register
  • ComicLife – Looks cool but I haven't had a chance to play with it yet. Saw it on Ross Mayfield's blog.
  • DesktopManager
    Multiple desktops for your Mac. In practice I didn't find it that
    useful. WindowShadeX's minimize in place is much better for me
  • Eclipse – My Ruby environment on Windows, now I have TextMate. Almost stuck with it for the excellent Subclipse plug-in
  • FreeDMG – Create disk images the easy way. Sure i'll get around to using it at some point
  • iFill – Something iPod related, must look at it
  • IDEA – I haven't written any Java for a long time, don't seem to miss it
  • KeyNote – The reason I bought iWork but i've not been called upon to build any presentations recently
  • KisMac – Doesn't seem to work with Airport extreme (someone please write drivers!)
  • LittleSecrets – Other people seem to use these little password store apps, i just don't get into them
  • Location X – I'd probably use it if I could spare the time to figure it out
  • MacJanitor – System housekeeping. I don't think this is necessary with 10.4.3
  • MacStumbler – Doesn't seem to work with Airport extreme (please!?!)
  • MySQLAdministrator – Mostly covered by CocoaMySQL. I still run it occasionally.
  • MySQLQueryBrowser – Mostly covered by CocoaMySQL.
  • PathFinder – I didn't find it compellingly better than Finder. I might give it another try
  • Radio Userland – Still
    have this running on a PC. I might move it. I'd still rather replace it
    if I could be bothered to crack the legacy issues
  • Shiira – Some kind of webKit based browser, not sure why I installed it
  • SubCommander – Looks better than svnX but I couldn't make it work with the DarwinPorts svn
  • SubEthaEdit – I know it's cool but I haven't been to a conference with the Mac yet (and did I mention TextMate?)
  • TinderBox – The Powerbook put a big hole in my slush fund, this will have to wait
  • Tofu – Lovely idea but it doesn't do PDF which is what i'd most want it for…
  • YourSQL – Didn't like it as much as CocaMySQL

Built-in Apps I couldn't wait to get rid of:

  • Dashboard – What a waste of bits

[Curiouser and curiouser!]

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