Comcast travails

Comcast travails.
David has been documenting some problems with Comcast that we've had in
the last few days. In the evenings, our pings to everything have been
sky-high, with latency sometimes spiking up over a second. This is
merely irritating when you're attempting to look something up on
Google, but it becomes crippling when you're attempting to play a game
online.Traceroute easily revealed that the problem is somewhere inside
the internal networks of Comcast nee AT&T Broadband, several hops
away from where our modem touches their network. A misconfigured
router, perhaps? A Cisco box overloaded by attacks prompted by Cisco's
latest outbreak of stupidity? Who cares, really? It's not something
that can be cured by rebooting our cable modem.Getting Comcast's
“technical” “support” to understand this is proving difficult, however.
See David's writeup. [Ceejbot]

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