Vivato Unwires Sarasota

Vivato Unwires Sarasota.

Vivato and Southeastern Communication Service, a general contractor specializing in turnkey construction of wireless communication sites, are providing WiFi for Sarasota, Florida.

They have completed the first phase of a Wi-Fi system to support public
safety efforts, economic development initiatives, and tourism within a
five-square-mile area of the City of Sarasota, Florida. The City of Sarasota installation is comprised of two Vivato Base Stations and 3 Microcell Access Points
(APs) and is the first step of Sarasota County's plan to bring
broadband wireless access to the county mobile workforce and the public.

researched and evaluated other wireless technologies, but decided to
utilize Vivato's extended-range architecture because the total cost of
ownership for Sarasota County is much less,” said Bob Hanson, CIO,
Sarasota County. “Compared to traditional AP Mesh technologies, Vivato
requires less equipment and network connections, while delivering
higher bandwidth,” Hanson added.

“We wanted a robust system that can enable secure private and public
applications, and can scale upwards to meet the growing needs of the
County,” Hansen said. The city will make the network available to local
residents, businesses and visitors to drive economic development and

The area of WiFi coverage is approximately 5 square miles and
encompasses 90% of the City of Sarasota's downtown area. Future efforts
will develop the yacht basin within Sarasota Bay, community parks and
economically developing areas within Sarasota County, Florida.  [Daily Wireless]

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