A whole lot of Typo

A whole lot of Typo.

I spent almost all of my free time this weekend working on Typo. We managed to merge my sidebar code and my new theme code, although both of them changed a lot in the process.

Typo 2.5 should be out sometime this week. It’ll be a huge upgrade
from Typo 2.0.6–the current Typo tarball is around 320k, up from 86k
for 2.0.6. We’ve added drag-and-drop configurable sidebars, new
text-formatting options, new importers, a new theme (and a new theme
engine), more RSS feeds, a vastly improved administration UI, support
for static non-blog pages, and an awesome new caching system. It’s now
a decent competitor for Movable Type and WordPress.  [*scottstuff*]

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