Marc says “Ahoy”

Marc says “Ahoy”. Marc Canter: “The inmates have taken over the asylum.”

right. One of the things that happened last year when I started working
with UserLand on Radio was talk of Radio 9. UserLand's a small company
with some great products and Manila took priority over Radio. Now with
major Manila development stable and a new kernel that's close to
shipping, we're ready to attack with Radio 9.

Marc Barrot has
done extensive work on an alternate way of interacting with Radio's
tools called the Radio Factory. It's a “tool's tool” that allows you to
browse a list of “factory approved tools” and with one click,
download-install-activate. It's already running in private beta with
stunning results and if Marc will allow, UserLand will ship it with
Radio later this year.

Right now, we're looking at releasing
some new upstreaming code as Radio 8.2. The addition of the Radio
Factory tool and some other improvements will be Radio 8.3 and finally,
we'll be able to head full steam into Radio 9.

“I sure hope we can still use the code the way we want to – and build it into Drupal, WordPress and Moveable Type.”

No problem there, Marc. We want Radio to be a tool that manages your tool.

Thanks for the link and the encouragement, Mr. Canter! [house of warwick]

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