How Does Your Web Site Rank and What Can You Do About It?

How Does Your Web Site Rank and What Can You Do About It?.

You may want to share this web page
with your business development people. It provides a quick way to see
how your organization's web site ranks in the major search engines for
particular keywords. All you do is type in the keywords you're
interested in, then the URL for the web site you want to see ranked,
and there you go. So if your firm specializes in a particular area of
law, type in keywords related to that area, and see where your firm's
web site stands.
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By the way, one of the big advantages of law firm blogs is that they
increase search engine ranking in a significant way. A good blog is
more likely to show up highly in search engine results than a typical,
fairly static, web page, according to Dennis Kennedy.

“I was shocked by the impact a blog has on search engine
placement. Not only does your ranking improve, but the speed your pages
get added to a search engine like Google is astonishing.”

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are Blogs and Why is Everyone So Excited About Them?,, July
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