Agile Web Development with Rails leaves beta

Agile Web Development with Rails leaves beta.

Our very first book on Rails is leaving beta and is in the process of going into print. Agile Web Development with Rails is now ready in its final form as a PDF and it’ll be ready in paper in time for OSCON. That’s pretty damn rocking!

And Dave Thomas slipped in a special treat in the PDF version now available:

One of the things I really like about the new PDF
is the code hyperlinks. The little [File nn] lozenges in the margins
next to code extracts are now live hyperlinks to the corresponding
source file up on our media server. If you want to see the full code
corresponding to an example, click, and it appears in your browser.
(And, of course, all the code is available as a tarball or zip file.)

So for the two of you out there reading that haven’t yet bought in, now is the time!  [Riding Rails]

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