Rails 0.13: 225+ features/fixes in 75 days!

Rails 0.13: 225+ features/fixes in 75 days!.

the longest gap between releases since Rails was made public and after
more than 225 fixes and new features, the final major release before
the 1.0 milestone has arrived. We’ve basically put in three new
features or fixes every single day for the past 75 days. But what do you care about our labouring efforts? Here’s what’s new in 0.13.0 . . .

Last major stop before 1.0!
First I want to
congratulate the core contributor team on the amazing accomplishment
that is this release. The group came together in a stronger-than-ever
force especially for the last few weeks up to release. And as the
latest member of the group, Thomas Fuchs deserves special praise for
giving Rails such a boost of Ajaxiness with script.aculo.us and the
associated helpers. It’s incredible that Rails is home to both
Prototype and script.aculo.us — the two strongest Javascript libraries
for Ajaxians around — and Thomas and Sam deserve much lavish praise for
making it happen.

shout out for Nicholas Seckar. The second-most recent addition to the
group. He has once again delivered goodness all over the code base.
From named routes to all those little fixes that makes 0.13 a much more
solid experience. You tha man.

And all the hard work is
paying off. We’re planning to make 0.13 the last major release before
1.0! We might well see 0.13.1 (but hopefully not 0.13.2) before we
start pumping out release candidates for the big one-oh, but it’s
getting close. Real close, now.

What you’ve seen here is of
course only a tiny sliver of the massive amount of new features and
fixes. For the full scoop be sure to devour the changelogs . . .

    Enjoy Rails 0.13!  [Riding Rails]

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