Tablet PC, MD

Tablet PC, MD.

just returned from an appointment with a doctor whose office had
upgraded to Tablet PCs since my last visit, and it was pretty cool to
see non-techies benefit from these gadgets. The office had several
docking stations which held the tablets, and my doctor undocked one as
he walked in to see me. Geek that I am, we talked more about his office
tech than we did about my reason for visiting (a simple clogged ear,
btw), and he obviously loved his tablet. During the visit he took notes
on the tablet, and he even used the stylus to draw a picture of my
inner ear to show me what the problem was. When he was done, he handed
his tablet to a nurse, who jotted a few notes down before re-docking
it. This was a real-world display of tech “in the wild,” helping
someone do their job.

I also own a Tablet PC, and it comes with me to every conference I
attend. I'm often surprised by how few tablets I see in the crowd,
since I love mine and everyone I've met who owns one feels the same
way. Keyboard-centric apps like word processors aren't that great on a
tablet, but something like FeedDemon is pretty slick.

BTW, does anyone else run FeedDemon on a tablet? If so, feel free to
post a comment here if there's anything I can do to make FeedDemon even
better for tablet use  [Nick Bradbury]

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