Instiki author shows inability to learn from experience

Instiki author shows inability to learn from experience.
So, remember Instiki, the ruby wiki by the guy who wrote Ruby on Rails?
Remember its fatal habit of allowing web spiders to roll back all your
content to nothing? Remember that it was because the tyro had put
destructive, data-changing actions on GET resources? Remember that the
author didn't fix it until after the bug had killed Instiki's user
base? Well, the 37Signals people, who include this guy, are now
complaining that Google's web “accelerator” (aka a local cache) is
doing the same thing with their new web app, Backpack. Customers are
complaining that items are mysteriously vanishing! Why? Because that
oh-so-reckless Google is following all the links, and ignoring
javascript confirmation queries! Oh, the horror. It's as if, as if, as
if Google were assuming that GETs were idempotent! What a strange
assumption! It's only in the RFC. Dudes, this one is not Google's
fault. And you really really ought to have learned this lesson the
first time you made the mistake. Getting all defensive about it in
public comments only compounds your error. [Ceejbot]

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