Not Happy With Comcast

Not Happy With Comcast.
I use Comcast for high-speed cable internet access at home, and have
for quite a while. The connection has generally been good, and for the
most part I've been pleased with the service (despite the fact that the
monthly fee keeps creeping upwards).
Until this week, that is. On Saturday the connection went down, and
kept going down for days. And then DNS was failing repeatedly for days
(once I figured out that the problem was DNS related I had my router
connect to an alternate DNS server). Aggravating, but these things
happen, I understand that, and sympathize to some degree.
But what I can't understand or sympathize with is poor customer
service. I placed 8 phone calls to 800-COMCAST on Saturday and Sunday,
and each time (after being on hold for a while, and being told by a
recorded message that there were no known problems) was told “we can't
take your call now, try later” and then disconnected. That is
unacceptable. Worse, the web site network status page did not
acknowledge the problem, even when they figured out that they were
having “DNS issues for about 48 hours”. A simple post saying “we are
having DNS problems, use an alternate DNS server until it is resolved”
would have saved time and aggravation. That too is unacceptable.
The sad thing is that I know quite a few developers at Comcast, and I
know that they are competent, technically proficient, and are good at
what they do. Shoddy customer service, incompetent support personal,
and an inability to be upfront with customers makes them all look bad. [Ben Forta's Blog]

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