Dinner with a mentor

Dinner with a mentor.
I had dinner with a mentor last night and learned a lot. (Thanks Kevin!)

The question the prompted our long discussion: “Why
is it that when some people see information they deem useful, they go to
extreme lengths to catch, practice, and implement methods that will help
in the long term?”

Over a great meal at an upscale/natural deli, we came up with several important
factors of personal development

1) Acknowledge
2) Learn
3) Practice
4) Re-engage

In my professional (public speaking/executive consulting) and personal
(triathlon, family) lives, I have experienced all four of these repeatedly.

Personally or professionally, we all have things we want to be, do and
have. How easy can we make it on ourselves to get from where we are to
where we want to be?
[Jason Womack]

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