OK – so here's another scripting dev language called Xamlon that's designed for RIAs (rich internet apps.)

This one has it's own unique twist – it uses Microsoft upcoming XAML
system -f or generating the UI – but since there's no such thing as
Avalon or Longhorn yet – this package outputs into .swf – for those who
can't wait.

This is a similar approach that Laszlo has.
It's shipping today as a kickass RIA dev environment for .swf – but
will be spitting out XAML/Avalon/Longhorn stuff – when it's time as

So where does that leave Macromedia?

They've developed an enterprise sales force now – scamming people on
their Breeze product) grossly over charging them (IMHO) so now they've
got an add-on dev tool called Flex (cold-stoned stolen from Laszlo)
which (I'm sure) they're selling as a way for folks to build their own
add-on's onto Breeze. Flex starts at $12k a server.

One thing they're not telling anybody about – are the secret
backdoor hookss they've got in Flash – and they're the only ones who
can use it.

More and more Macromedia is defining the slimeball old school company that we all love to hate. Go Rob and Norm – go.

So right on to Xamlon – I'm sure Scoble will like it.  [Marc's Voice]

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