Getting Real: Pick two – scope, timeframe, or budget

Getting Real: Pick two – scope, timeframe, or budget.

lot of people have been asking me about how to make our Getting Real
process work with client work. Here are some tips — some of which may
be uncomfortable. This pick-two process also applies to your own
internal development.

First, you have to hire the right clients.
Don’t discount this step as too obvious (or impossible) — it’s a
critical first step. If you are working with the wrong people 1. you
won’t be happy, and 2. they won’t be happy. Misery loves company, but
it doesn’t love great results.

Next, you need to tell your client
to pick two. We’ve all heard “Pick two: good, fast, or cheap.” Dealing
with client projects is no different. Your client needs to pick two:
fixed scope, fixed timeframe, or fixed budget. Having all three is a
myth. Pick three and you’ll end up with a lot of unsatisified people
and subpar results.  [Signal vs. Noise]

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