SMB Nation ISV Summit – Day 2

SMB Nation ISV Summit – Day 2.

2 of the ISV Summit was much shorter, and much more intimate. About 50%
of the people had early flights and didn't attend much. I argue that
the nice weather, combined with a Friday afternoon makes it difficult
for even myself to sit in a chair. The only thing that kept me there
was an EXCELLENT presentation by Harry.

It was very interesting in seeing the disconnect from the marketing
coming out of Microsoft and what Harry is actually seeing. The most
interesting stat? That Microsoft says that on average, resellers are
selling 2 SBS installations a month. From Harry's hands-on research
while touring the world and actually talking with the resellers? They
are lucky to sell one a quarter! That means there are a LOT more
resellers out there than originally thought, and a lot less exclusive
SBS-integrators than I was lead to believe.

All and all, well worth the investment in time in coming to the ISV
Summit. A lot of eye-opening information on how to work with SBSers,
and more importantly understanding the needs of the space. If you are
an ISV looking at coming into this space, do yourself a favour and
attend the next ISV Summit. You won't be disappointed.

Many thanks to Harry and HP for asking me to come down. I really appreciate it.

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