Iran, Oil, Nuclear Power, and Economics

Iran, Oil, Nuclear Power, and Economics.
In a perfect world, the problem with Iran would be simple. We would
help them get nuclear power. Iran's oil production has peaked. Its
internal energy needs are growing quickly with its population. It can
either wait a decade and fall into the trap Indonesia fell into (where
internal needs rapidly chewed up exports) or it can move to less
expensive alternative power sources and save oil for hard currency
export (particularly given that it looks like oil production has
structural problems that puts it on a track for long term price
improvements). Economically, a move to nuclear power (particularly
given there isn't a NIMBY problem in Iran), is very smart. It is also
in our best interest to see Iran export, and not consume recklessly at
subsidized prices, as much oil as possible. A perfect solution would be
a safe flatbed nuclear plants that Toshiba is now exporting. [John Robb's Weblog]

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