PHPDNSAdmin 1.5.2 (Stable branch)

PHPDNSAdmin 1.5.2 (Stable branch).  DNSAdmin is PHP frontend for creating and editing DNS zone files. It can also handle multiple domains. All data is stored within a MySQL database, and zonefiles and reversefiles are created automatically. It also has a little feature to inventory your system by capturing username, MAC address, and the location. This… Continue reading PHPDNSAdmin 1.5.2 (Stable branch)

Resurgent Novell: Building Linux for Grownups?

Resurgent Novell: Building Linux for Grownups?. NetWare's latest offerings may be bringing Novell out of its funk. More importantly, they might be delivering a level of manageability long-time Linux admins have been hoping for. Here's a look at what's new from Novell. [Datamation Product News]

BeatrIX Linux 2005.1 (Default branch)

BeatrIX Linux 2005.1 (Default branch).  BeatrIX Linux is a 180-megabyte live CD that is also installable to hard drive. It features kernel 2.6.7, Gnome 2.8, Evolution 2.0, Firefox 1.0 with AdBlock, Open Office 1.1.2, Vim, Apt, xPDF and more. It tracks the Ubuntu package repository. It was originally built for the mini-ITX motherboards from Via,… Continue reading BeatrIX Linux 2005.1 (Default branch)

Hula Update

Hula Update.  Hula is only a week old and yet has enjoyed tremendous attention already. The activity level is fantastic: Martijn van Beers has written a perl script that queries the NMAP agent to get your calendar, then exports it to the web, in a manner suitable for reading by clients like Evolution and iCal.… Continue reading Hula Update

A King Design Internship

A King Design Internship. The last few months I've been completely swamped with work. Combine the contract work with my own software development and work on my new web site and handling sales and support e-mails and it's the reason that the new versions of Tasks Pro™ and Tasks haven't been released yet. I'm already… Continue reading A King Design Internship

Shredding Law and Human Rights in the War on Terrorism

Shredding Law and Human Rights in the War on Terrorism. Newsweek: Aboard Air CIA. The evidence backing up Masri's account of being “snatched” by American operatives is only the latest blow to the CIA in the ongoing detention-abuse scandal. Together with previously disclosed flight plans of a smaller Gulfstream V jet, the Boeing 737's travels… Continue reading Shredding Law and Human Rights in the War on Terrorism

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How Paris Got Hacked?

How Paris Got Hacked?. Like many online service providers, T-Mobile requires users to answer a “secret question” if they forget their passwords. For Paris Hilton's account, the secret question was “What is your favorite pet's name?” By correctly providing the well-known answer, any internet user could change Hilton's password and freely access her account. [Meerkat:… Continue reading How Paris Got Hacked?

Hank Asher & The Matrix

Hank Asher & The Matrix.  The movie The Matrix was a haunting depiction of a machine-led dystopia.  Many people are haunted by another, more real, dystopia, namely the ease with which personal information can be mined from existing computer databases.  I'm all in favor of doing what we can to preserve personal freedom.  But I'm… Continue reading Hank Asher & The Matrix

PuTTY Vulnerabilities – Two Integer Overflows… patch now

PuTTY Vulnerabilities – Two Integer Overflows… patch now. PuTTY 0.57, released yesterday, fixes two security holes which can allow a malicious SFTP server to execute code of its choice on a PSCP or PSFTP client connecting to it. It is recommended that everybody upgrade to 0.57 as soon as possible. You can download it here. … Continue reading PuTTY Vulnerabilities – Two Integer Overflows… patch now

Task Management Reviewed

Task Management Reviewed. Ted Goranson continues his unparalleled review of outliners with a look at Task Management and Outlining. In aggregate, Goranson's ATPO series may the deepest and most thorough review article ever written about application software.  [Mark Bernstein]