BeatrIX Linux 2005.1 (Default branch)

BeatrIX Linux 2005.1 (Default branch)
BeatrIX Linux is a 180-megabyte live CD that is
also installable to hard drive. It features kernel
2.6.7, Gnome 2.8, Evolution 2.0, Firefox 1.0 with
AdBlock, Open Office 1.1.2, Vim, Apt, xPDF and
more. It tracks the Ubuntu package repository. It
was originally built for the mini-ITX motherboards
from Via, but it runs on just about any
Pentium-class PC with 64 megs of RAM or more. It's
a get-the-job-done distribution for people who
want the basics.

This release features Linux kernel 2.6.7, GNOME 2.8.1, FireFox 1.03
with AdBlock, Evolution 2.01, GAIM 1.03, Open Office 1.1.2, Apt, PDF
viewer, image viewer, and much, much more. It is expandable through
both the Debian and Ubuntu repositories. [ announcements (Global)]

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