Bush Puts Much of Legacy on the Line With Social Security Plan

Bush Puts Much of Legacy on the Line With Social Security Plan. President Bush did not explain how his plan would solve Social Security's long-term problems or how to protect against risks that come along with private accounts. By TODD S. PURDUM. [NYT > Home Page]

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Words of blame and resolve after gridlock

Words of blame and resolve after gridlock. After an emergency meeting about Tuesday's massive gridlock in Boston, state and local officials said yesterday they will keep using daytime pothole crews, despite the problems and public anger they generated, and went as far as to blame drivers for helping cause the mess. [Boston Globe — Front… Continue reading Words of blame and resolve after gridlock

Great job (last part, for now)

Great job (last part, for now). A friend of mine is a world-class lawyer, with a great background in copyright, deal-making and intellectual property issues. She has a stellar resume and could get a cog-job in about two seconds. Except that she doesn't want to do that. She wants to work for a fast-growing neat… Continue reading Great job (last part, for now)

become the leader

Wal-Mart the banker Wal-Mart is turning its eye to banking in a big way. Having already become the leader in areas from books to jewelry, and from food to clothing, it is focusing more and more on offering banking services to its enormous audience. Needless to say, banks, especially community banks and regional chains, are… Continue reading become the leader

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Scientists Find Missing Matter

Scientists Find Missing Matter. Astrophysicists have been unable to find half the 'normal' matter of the universe. But a look into space with the Chandra X-ray Observatory reveals it is probably hiding several hundred million miles away. By Amit Asaravala. [Wired News]

Update: DEVONagent 1.5

Update: DEVONagent 1.5. The Internet search agent adds a search set editor, scheduled searches, improved speed, a full-screen mode, and many other improvements. [MacInTouch]

Worth Your Time on Two Scores

Worth Your Time on Two Scores. BusinessWeek's cover story (01.31.05), “Linux Inc.,” is also a great piece of work. The industry analysis is fascinating/perceptive, but I was especially drawn to the excellent & detailed operational portrayal of how Linux works & innovates. Linux may well be a Genuinely New Life Form in the world of… Continue reading Worth Your Time on Two Scores