The Jerk School of Business

The Jerk School of Business.

Who besides me is totallly outraged over last night's episode of “The Apprentice”?
What's the primary lesson we've learned this season at the Trump School
of Business? That while you can work hard, be well-educated, be
enterprising and smart, if you enter the corporate business world, you
risk putting your career in the hands of an arrogant incompetent. Sure,
he may be running the company into bankruptcy, but he still has the
ability to fire you for totally arbitrary reasons.

Why was Sandy fired? She didn't have enough corporate experience.
Well, duh. If that was a disqualifier, why was she picked to be a
candidate at all? Why was Kevin fired? Too damn much education. Of
course, others have been dismissed for too little, but nevermind. In
this hurly burly Looking Glass world of corporate idiocy, one week's
strength is the next week's reason for the boot. Gee…I've had jobs
like that.

Meanwhile, what did the CEO (chief egregiousness officer) laud?
Jennifer's attack-dog style of interpersonal communication, and her
crafty, albeit slutty, strategy for hiking the price on M&M bars.
(Let's hope no young girls are paying attention to how the women
succeed in this show. These chicks make “Desperate Housewives” seem like choir girls.) Give me a break.

No wonder the Trump organization is in trouble. With corporate
values like this, he should be starring as the biggest fathead in “The Biggest Loser”.  [Fast Company Now]

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