Yahoo Licenses X1 Desktop Search Technology

Yahoo Licenses X1 Desktop Search Technology. Let the games begin! Desktop search tools have been the hot trend this year, and with the introduction of the free Google Desktop Search,
the gauntlet has been thrown, tossed, dropped, whatever it is that's
done with gauntlets. Yahoo has accepted the challenge and today announced that they are licensing X1
technology for desktop search and plans to start testing in January on
their own desktop search tool. X1 is considered one of the top products
on the market, but at $74.95, it's also a little pricey, especially
when compared with the free products, such as Google Desktop Search and
Copernic. But with Yahoo bringing the X1 technology to the masses,
presumably free, the desktop search arena is going to be a competitive
one!  [LawLibTech]

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