Book Review: The Art of The Start

Book Review: The Art of The Start.

While sitting on Scoble's “Red Couch” on Sunday I noticed an interesting book under his coffee table called “The Art of the Start: The Time-Tested, Battle-Hardened Guide For Anyone Starting Anything“. It is written by Guy Kawasaki (from
fame) and should be essential reading to any entrepreneur who is
starting up a new company. Every night as I was winding down I took a
couple hours to relax and read this book. It was such an easy read that
I finished it last night.

Guy does a great job in not only talking about what you need to do,
it also gives good examples of what NOT to do. Personally I enjoyed his
chapter on the “Art of Bootstrapping” the most. Mostly because he
debunks the myth that you HAVE to go raise money when building a
company to succeed. I have been trying to explain to some in my circle
of influence about WHY I bootstrapped my latest company, and why I
declined investment from some parties early in its inception. The days
of funding vapourware are gone, and if you want a decent valuation for
your company if and when you DO look for money, you need to have a
working product with sales and a good pipeline. It's the old addage
that when the VC's want to fund you, you don't need the money. Makes
good sense. And done right, you might not actually NEED that type of

There are some interesting tidbits all through the book. If you are
a CEO of a startup company, or are considering being one, you should
really check out the book.

Good read. Really enjoyed it. Thanks for lending me the book Robert. 
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