Workplace blues in election aftermath

Workplace blues in election aftermath. Tech industry workers find that the election's outcome is affecting workplace morale, concentration. … [Meerkat: An Open Wire Service]

Not secrets

Not secrets. The Democratic Party lost big yesterday. They lost the popular vote. They lost the electoral college. They lost the Senate. They lost the House. I've mentioned before that in 2000, I was having a hard time choosing between Gore and Nader. And I've mentioned that Kerry wasn't my first choice. No; what brought… Continue reading Not secrets

Computer Security and Liability

Computer Security and Liability. Information insecurity is costing us billions. We pay for it in theft: information theft, financial theft. We pay for it in productivity loss, both when networks stop working and in the dozens of minor security inconveniences we all have to endure. We pay for it when we have to buy security… Continue reading Computer Security and Liability

Good and evil

Good and evil. My pitch to Democrats: let’s go back to the beginning, to the intellectual foundation. Let’s talk about good and evil. Let’s not be afraid to use those words. The idea is to stand for something, a real morality, rather than use fear-disguised-as-morality as a wedge issue. []

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Sorting through the rubble

Sorting through the rubble. While I still await the results from Ohio, New Mexico, and Iowa, I’m not optimistic. Sorry, Matt, but I don’t see a lot of hope out of this election; if we couldn’t beat this administration in a fair fight after the last four years, we need some serious overhauling. I’m thinking… Continue reading Sorting through the rubble


Back from Florida.  Had a wonderful vacation.