Political tactics in selling Operating Systems

Political tactics in selling Operating Systems.

I didn't know how to title this entry, as I am still trying to get the mud slinging US political election out of my head.

You know the one. Where everyone slings mud at everyone else, meanwhile it only looks like everyone is dirty.

Well, that happens with operating systems too. Microsoft started it with their “Get the Facts” campaign, where they showed why in their view Windows has a lower total cost of ownership and outperforms Linux.

Today Novell shot back by launching their “Unbending the Truth” campaign. And they provide some pretty on point responses, bended to THEIR view.

As I look back to the Redmond campus, waiting for someone to grab
another handful of mud to throw, I just shake my head. When will they
realize that it's about the right tool for the right job. Quit throwing
mud at each other, and tell me what YOU stand for. Answer the question
of “What's in it for me”, rather than “Why does your competitor suck”.

Give me compelling reasons why your OS will make me more money, save
me more time, and/or make me more productive. If you can't do that,
then go away. I couldn't care less that you are threatened by each
other. I couldn't care less if some grass roots zealot thinks Bill
Gates is evil and has made to much money selling business apps that 10
years ago were not stable. I don't give a damn if some MVP can show me
how it takes THEM 5 days to set up a Linux box.

So bend the truth however you see it. Give me YOUR facts so I can
laugh. Then stop and think. Neither of you got my money because of it.
I spend my money when I see that something works for me. Not on how
something WON'T work for me.

If I want that, I'd go vote. 
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